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FCC wants all TV guided by Congress: It says violence can be regulated while upholding First Amendment
Friday, April 27, 2007 | By Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Citing the harmful effects of TV violence on children and a correlation between bloodshed on the screen and in real life, the Federal Communications Commission has concluded that Congress could regulate violence on cable, satellite and broadcast television while upholding the First Amendment. The FCC report, requested by Congress three years ago and released this week, comes at a time of renewed soul-searching about the violent nature of American society in the wake of the April 16 shooting massacre at Virginia Tech. More ...

When the FCC was originally created, its job was to make sure radio and TV stations didn't overlap and squelch each other. It has grown into a dangerous anti-free speech arm of the government that arbitrarily determines what we should all hear and see.

Though I oppose it, I can understand the argument to censor broadcast media like TV and Radio given that they're broadcast for free to be picked up by anyone. However, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that the FCC has any jurisdiction (nor should it) over the content of Cable/Satellite Television and Satellite Radio. The latter communication channels are PREMIUM SERVICES that require paid subscribers. By the very act of paying for such services - those worried about violent or sexual content are acknowledging that they want that content in their homes. If they don't want violence or sex on TV and Radio - THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

EVEN MORE ABSURD is the fact that virtually all Cable/Satellite providers AND TV Manufacturers provide free BLOCKING SERVICES to their customers.

But rather than take responsibility for their media consumption and the consumption of their progeny - a large coterie of mouth-breathing fucktards want to censor what EVERYONE consumes because they're too fucking lazy to do it themselves. Un-fucking-believable.

Not only that, but the censorship-mongers at the FCC and at organizations like the "American Family Association" have the GALL to exploit the Virginia Tech shooting for their agenda WHILE THE BODIES WERE STILL WARM. You want to talk about "obscenity" and "indecency"? Shameless opportunism is obscene. A disregard for the founding principles of this nation is indecent.